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mother suffering bereavement, daughter who had stressed

About Stress

Stress is perfectly normal to some degree in your life, in fact it can be said to keep you on your toes. However, there is a balance. If being stressed dominates your daily life and causes us problems – then it is not good.

You can probably guess the most common causes of stress: work, family, relationships, money. To expand:

  • getting married
  • divorce
  • bereavement of someone close
  • family/relationship problems
  • moving home
  • illness
  • work
  • losing a job/redundancy
  • debt/loans

Stress symptoms can be headaches, tension, short temper, poor sleep, drinking / eating / smoking more than usual. Over a longer-term it can cause illness and this is where you need to be aware of its’ impact and take action.

To combat stress is a challenge. Clients come to me because they do not know how to combat stress. I can help you by talking through your problems and to let you see how they impact your emotions and life.

We would also look at coping strategies. Give me a call …​

Stress Counselling and Assessment Sessions

When you first call me, we will have a short assessment of your stress related issues. We may need to do this in more depth at your first session. The objective is for you to feel comfortable with me as your counsellor and decide if we can work together. If that is the case, we would expect to start our counselling within 2 weeks.

At the first counselling meeting we will talk your stress symptoms in more detail, and then set some objectives for our work. Identifying the cause of stress is important, but we need to work to either solve the stress or help you identify when it is happening and how to alleviate it.

A counselling therapy session is 50 minutes of counselling and a few minutes of introduction. Our first full meeting we may well go over the hour.

I may use multiple therapy techniques in our sessions explicitly for your needs. I use person centred, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and psychodynamic approaches for my counselling.

Half a dozen sessions are normal for a counsellor to achieve the objectives, but this is a guide. Frequently you will have improved sufficiently before then to complete our time together. Occasionally we may require more time.

My counselling fees are here.