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First and foremost, I am a specialist in bereavement counselling. Unlike other counsellors who will offer you counselling for many issues, I limit myself to a small number of subjects including Anxiety, Depression and Stress. But top of the list is bereavement, see the bereavement counselling page for more detail. Rather than being a generalist, this specialisation gives you assurance that I am skilled in these areas. Frequently, problems of depression, stress and relationships may be caused by the impact of a bereavement in the last couple of years.

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These are my main subjects, click here for more detail. If you do not see your requirement here, call me and we will see if I can help you.

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The path to understanding and resolving your problems is not always straightforward. It is a journey that may take you a few weeks or perhaps months. It is a journey where I can help you come to terms with your life so that you feel less troubled. I do not have a magic wand to make your troubles go away, but the ability to help you understand what is concerning you and as a result to help lift the cloud that has been enveloping you.

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“People tell me that I am a friendly and empathetic individual. I can be at ease with most people.

I am a qualified psychodynamic and person centred counsellor, and have been involved with counselling for more than 15 years. My main subject is bereavement counselling, but I also focus in a number of other areas of anxiety, stress and depression. I have helped many clients, both young and old through difficult stages in their life. ” – Sally Hunt – Berkshire Counselling