Pet Bereavement Counselling

I have a great deal of experience in pet bereavement counselling. It is different from personal bereavement, the sense of loneliness especially yo a single or older person can be painful.

Bereavement is usually felt in the weeks after the event. Do not despair because help is at hand. I am a trained Pet Bereavement Counsellor.


Pet Bereavement

pet bereavement counselling helps getting over the loss of a dog or cat


  • crying / feeling helpless
  • loneliness 
  • depression 
  • void in my life

Part of the family

I am an animal lover and fully aware of how much our cat, dog or smaller or larger animal can mean to us. Over the years I have helped people come to terms with the death of their cat, dog, horse or donkey. All loved creatures who have left a hole in their life.


We form strong bonds with our pets and animals. Whether you live on your own or with your partner or family they can be a central part to your life. You may feel loss when they are gone and that can be devastating.


For the single person and for the elderly it is a real loss because a pet is a close member of the family. 


I am qualified in pet bereavement counselling to help people get over the death of their loved pet.

Other bereavement

Quite frequently the loss of a loved animal triggers the need for counselling. Sometime it is another loss of a relative of family member is brought up. We can deal with these issues if they arise. You may find that opening up on one subject brings another to the forefront.


I am a pet bereavement counsellor

Pet Bereavement Counsellor

As a Pet Bereavement Counsellor I have been trained in this counselling in addition to my normal counselling. 

I find that Pet Bereavement Counselling does not require many sessions to get you comfortable again. It is usually around 2-3 sessions.


Do not be afraid or ashamed of crying in our sessions. I have cried when I lost a cat. It is natural. 

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