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Self Esteem and Self Confidence

Low self esteem / low self confidence

It may appear that these two are interchangeable. Indeed, there are a lot of common traits. For low self esteem is about how you see your own worth whereas low self confidence is about your feelings about your achievement ability.


Low self esteem

Low self esteem is about lack of personal worth, it is about the way you feel about yourself. Some people say it happens when you do (or think you do) something stupid and believe the world laughs at you. I believe it is broader, in that these people do not see their own value and do not feel positive about their contribution to life. Low self esteem usually comes from childhood. Untreated it will lead to depression and/or anxiety.


Low self confidence

Doubting your own ability to achieve a goal is low self confidence. The goal can be anything, such as presenting at a meeting or running a marathon or painting a room. A confident person who says the can present, run the distance or paint the room, whereas low self confidence individual would doubt their ability to succeed.


Clients come to me because they do not understand how to change their lives or what is impacting their persona. I can help you with these. The approaches and stages of progression are different, but it is a path I am familiar with. Call me…

Low self esteem / self confidence and Counselling process

When you first call me, we will have a short assessment of your issues particularly whether this is low self esteem or low self confidence. We may need to do this in more depth at your first session. The primary objective here will be for you to feel comfortable with me as your counsellor and decide if we can work together.

If this is agreed, we would aim to start sessions within 2 weeks.

At the first meeting we will go into more detail and may outline objectives for our work.

Although we call a session an hour, it is 50 minutes of counselling therapy, with a few minutes of introduction. Our first time we may well go over the hour.

As an integrative therapist I have trained using multiple approaches. I will use these according to your needs.

In normal circumstances we would look at around half a dozen sessions, but in this is only a guide. Frequently you will have improved sufficiently before then to complete our time together. Occasionally we may require additional sessions. There is no right or wrong – just what makes you comfortable.

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