counsellor helping man with stress from redundancy
counselling helps man with loss, grief and low self esteem after redundancy

Loss, grief and redundancy

Loss and grief are broad terms covering several different situations. You can also feel loss from redundancy or leaving job you enjoyed. Negative emotions from divorce or breakup of a relationship would be grief. A therapist would say you are grieving for your past life (before the redundancy or before your separation). Loss is usually something personal and meaningful to you. Loss can leave a void in your life. Redundancy is a huge issue; the feeling of rejection may result in depression.

Clients come to me because they do not understand what is happening to their lives and emotions. There is a well-known theory called the “stages of grief” which helps greatly in explaining the emotions you could be going through. I will work with you on these. The stages are not only applicable to bereavement but to the other situations, see the page on the stages for more information.

Grief and Loss counselling will include these subjects (including redundancy). It will help you understand and progress through the transition and come to terms with your emotions.

Loss and Grief Assessment and Counselling

When you first call me, we will have a short assessment of your loss, grief or redundancy related issues. We may need to do this in more depth at your first session. The objective is for you to feel comfortable with me as your counsellor and decide if we can work together. If that is the case, we would aim to start counselling within 2 weeks.

At the first meeting we will go into more detail and set some objectives for our work.

A counselling therapy session is 50 minutes of counselling with a few minutes of introduction. It is referred to as “an hour”. Our first time we may well go over the hour.

I may use multiple approaches in our therapy specifically for your needs. My primary training was in person centred and psychodynamic therapies, I also use CBT where it helps. I regularly study other approaches to keep me abreast of the latest techniques.

Half a dozen sessions are normal for a counsellor to achieve the objectives, but this is a guide. Frequently you will have improved sufficiently before then to complete our time together. Occasionally we may require more sessions.

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