woman with depression symptoms needs counselling
counselling helps woman with depression


Depression is something that affects many of us at one time or another. Depression symptoms can be short lived or last a long time. Not only does it bring us down it can be a huge burden on those close to us particularly our partner or our family. You may not realise how much of a struggle it can be for them to cope with our moods. Depression treatment will help.

Depression could impact us at work and our colleagues who are normally supportive will start to view us as negative and may gradually avoid us. Further as a result our job could be at risk. Counselling to identify the cause and give us techniques to overcome it can help.

Depression symptoms include pessimism, lack of concentration, difficulty making decisions, feeling helpless, feeling tearful, being irritable, withdrawing from friends and family, low self-esteem and more.

There are many symptoms of depression, the key is recognising it and doing something about it. Depression can lead to ill health and you really need to address the problems before your body suffers as well. You can read more about it at World Health Organisation

I normally advise talking to your GP as well as me. Your GP will be able to assess whether some medication could benefit you while we undertake the counselling work. I would expect this to be in the form of anti-depressants, but as there are many forms of anti-depressants you really need the guidance of your doctor.

Depression Treatment and Depression Help

My approach to helping with you is to provide depression treatment in the form of counselling. With this approach we will understand the causes and identify what we can do to lift it.

When you first call me, we will have a short assessment of your issues. We may need to do this in more depth at your first session. The objective here will be for you to feel comfortable with me, as your counsellor, and decide if we can work together.

We would then aim to commence sessions within 2 weeks.

At the first counselling meeting we will go into your depression symptoms and issues in more detail. We will then set ourselves some objectives for our time together.

A session is an ‘hour’, although it is 50 minutes of counselling, with a few minutes of introduction.

As a therapist I have trained in multiple approaches and can use these for the basis of your depression treatment.

In general, we would look at around half a dozen sessions to help your depression, but this is only a guide.  Frequently you will have improved sufficiently before then to complete our counselling. Occasionally we may require more time.

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