woman showing anxiety symptoms
reduced anxiety and panic through counselling

Anxiety and Panic

Anxiety and panic affects many of us in various ways although it can vary from mild to severe. For those with severe anxiety symptoms it can have major impact on our life. You may be anxious about travel, or an exam. The impact is significant and you are probably in need of anxiety treatment.

For example, if it were travel it could mean that you don’t enjoy the holiday – from the lead-up, the getting there and being anxious all the time you are there until we return home. For an exam the impact is that you don’t give of our best and so don’t achieve the result you are hoping for.

Anxiety symptoms include panic, fear, unable to stay calm, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, poor sleep, unease, sweating, feeling light headed, dizziness, worrying …

People often refer to this as Anxiety Disorder.

Panic Attacks (also known as Anxiety Attacks are a form of uncontrollable anxiety. Getting to the root cause of your panic attack is going to be of great benefit and this is where I will help you. We will look at ways to change your thoughts when one comes along.

Your doctor may well give you prescription medicines to help you, and breathing exercises may help you control the impact of an attack.

I have been through anxiety and panic attacks many times and can help you. There are many more examples than this. Give me a call.

Anxiety Assessment and Counselling Sessions

My approach to helping with you is to provide anxiety treatment in the form of counselling. With this approach we will understand the causes and identify what we can do to reduce the levels of anxiousness.

When you first call me, we will have a short assessment of your anxiety (and panic) related issues. We may need to do this in greater detail at your first session. The objective is for you to feel comfortable with me as your counsellor and to decide if we can work together. If that is the case we would aim to commence counselling within 2 weeks.

At the first counselling meeting we will go into more depth of your problems. Starting with your anxiety symptoms and then set some objectives for our work.

A counselling therapy session is 50 minutes of counselling plus a couple of minutes of introduction. It is known as “an hour”. Our first full session we may well go over the hour.

I may use multiple therapy techniques in our sessions specifically for your needs. I use person centred, cognitive behavioural therapy and psychodynamic therapy approaches and could use all of these in your anxiety treatment

Half a dozen sessions are normal for a therapist to achieve the objectives, but this is a guide. Frequently you will have improved sufficiently before then to complete our time together. Occasionally we may require more time.

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